Chief Happiness Officer (Volunteer)

October 2, 2014

Chief Happiness Officer (Volunteer)

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Career Skills Incubator
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Career Skills Incubator is Hiring a (Volunteer) Chief Happiness Officer!

Do you want to make the world better for people who are making the world better?

Who you are:

  • Someone who enjoys fun
  • Someone who enjoys making others happy
  • Flexible & able to work with minimal supervision with a team where most people work remotely

Who we are:               

CSCI is a small non-profit that empowers the un(der)employed to develop skills for their dream careers.  We’re well into our second “official” year since incorporation, but if you’d like to learn about our first year check out our annual report.

Our values: Empowerment, fun, self-improvement, work/life balance, health, inclusivity, accessibility, diversity, collaboration, feedback, sustainability, community, flexibility, initiative

All of us try to make our lives and those of our colleagues a bit happier, but we figured how could we do even better?  Someone who encourages this even more!

Your Delightful Role:

This volunteer role is going to be flexible based on the candidates who come forward and what their interests might be. It could be a systematic, scientifically rigorous application of happiness across an organization. It could be a fly-by-seat-of-pants smile infusion with random acts of kindness that aren’t measured but are felt!   We can decide on scope together, we’re thinking more internal but if you want to be involved as an external happiness person (making the lives of mentors, mentees, business partners) happier we’re also cool with that!  

Here are some examples of what you might be interested in making happen:

  • Surprise emails, random acts of kindness, handwritten notes, memes, blog posts, facebook posts to make people smile and/or appreciate their hard work
  • Events aimed at making our teammates happy, parties, chill sessions, yoga, meditation?
  • Identifying (potential) gaps in happiness and how to fill them
  • Researching happiness and applying the principles to your work/sharing with other organizations; measuring “before” and “after” of team’s happiness
  • Birthday greetings?  Baked goods? Veggies? Chocolate???
  • Whatever you cook up in your beautiful mind


Benefits to You

  • There are definitely some studies out there that the more you help people, the happier you are.  Maybe you know of them already?
  • It’s a flexible, fun, environment with high levels of agency. 
  • You’ll meet fantastic people who are empowering others to develop skills for their dream careers
  • This might be the first Chief Happiness Officer role in Canada (?)…that might be something cool for your resume/personal satisfaction!


1)      We’re busy!  We’d look for at least a 6 month commitment (weekly/monthly hours based on your availability) because for you to get to know organization and be onboarded takes a lot of time from our lovely team. If you can’t make this commitment but want to do some sort of one-time happy infusion we can talk though….


2)      On that note, we need you to be resilient and flexible!  Maybe you’ll run an event and only a couple people can come out!  Hopefully you have a great time with whoever attends, and instead of being saddened just look at it as a learning experience to see what might make a busy volunteer come out, or if it makes more sense to do things all online, etc.

3)      We’ve had informally a large amount of interest in this role.  If we have a large number of applicants, we might just have an informal group interview/party and perhaps people can work out what they’d like to do and create more than one role in this “happiness team”.   We aren’t married to the title “Chief Happiness Officer”, you can come up with something that makes you smile as well. 

Next Steps
We have hangouts most Saturday afternoons 1-3pm at CSI Regent Park. This is a good chance to get to know some of us and see if this would be a good fit.  We keep people posted on our hangouts via our weekly newsletter, you can sign up on our website.

Please apply by Monday October 13th to with the subject line:

“Happiness – Coming to an Inbox Near You!” or something similarly descriptive. 

We don’t care about your resume for this role, so don’t worry about sending that in unless you want to. We might not even look at it.   All we’d like to see, in any form you’d like to provide it:

  • At least 5 things you would do to make a hypothetical team happier (or our actual team, based on what you know about us!)
  • Confirming you are available for a 6 month time commitment, and letting us know how much time approx. per month/week you could devote to this role
  • Confirm you are committed to our values

Applicants of all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply!

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To Apply: